SD Gundam G Generation [K] Sotsu Agency Sunrise / Bandai Namco Games 2001

This strategy game is based on the anime series. Each stage is divided into four levels of land, sea, air, space, divided into three-dimensional map, moving the battle of enemy mobile suit. The battle scene is composed of CG, which is dazzling and powerful - It consists of four levels of maps, each of which requires a different strategy depending on the map. Exquisite reproduction of masterpiece series, Myeongjang-myeon and Myeonggwon-sa - First to cover the entire Gundam series of TV and OVA from the first Gundam to the MS-08 platoon and reproduce 120% of scenery and ambassadors. Korean PC version Original mode [W-Dimension] Addition - You can enjoy the original mode of Wing Gundam using Wing Gundam and character of 5 characters in Wing Gundam. Unit book 100% aiming - In addition to having fun filling out the SDGG's fun unit book, you can enjoy the taste of looking for a quest movie that comes out suddenly.
Korean ISO Demo + Patch 509MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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