Sotsugyou Graduation [MAC] [J] Headroom / Emotion Digital Software 1994

Graduation is one of the founding entries in the raising sim genre, along with the Princess Maker series. This is the first game in the series, released only in Japan. Here, you're a teacher at a girls' high school assigned to coach five students across the titular finish line. Can you juggle their educational needs and ensure them each a bright future? In order to do that, the player has to study the individual characteristics of the girls. Each girl has different parameters, different strengths and weaknesses. The teacher should be careful not to overload the students with work, but letting them do what they want is not the right way either. The teacher has also control on other aspects of the students' life: it is possible to have personal conversations with the girls to motivate them, and choose leisure activities for them (such as going to the cinema). The girls can become displeased with the teacher or sick, so it's important to keep the morale high in order to achieve successful graduation.
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MAC Japanese ISO Demo + PhotoCD ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 86+298MB

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