Puyo Puyo 2 [J] Compile 1995

The follow-up to Puyo Puyo is, like its predecessor, a falling block game in which the goal is to combine four or more blocks (Puyos) of the same color, which then disappear. The remaining Puyos will then fall down and can produce combos which can cause special blocks (Nuisance Puyos, that can only be destroyed by eliminating adjacent Puyos) to appear on the enemy's field. At the same time, you compete against an opponent (either the computer or another human player) who is trying to do the same thing. Every time a group of jellies explode, a transparent jelly will fall in your opponent's playing field, making his/her job more difficult. You can also set up chain reactions by arranging the blobs in such a way that one color combo will lead to multiple combos as blobs fall into place. It adds new gameplay options and special blobs. One of the most devious additions is the double transparent blob that requires TWO color combos to vaporize. Compile has also added an option to watch matches between computer experts, and more multiplayer options. This game includes a story mode, in which Arle (the main character) fights against computer enemies, and a vs player mode. Initially on DOS, a Windows version was later released.
Japanese ISO Demo 283MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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