MarisaLand Legacy Twilight Frontier / 2018

This is a Touhou Project inspired work. Eat mushrooms to increase your height in this easy to control 2D side scrolling action game. When Marisa was engaged in dubious mushroom magic like always,she accidentally ate a mushroom that "suppresses her magic and makes her 2 heads tall," so she goes on an adventure to find and regain her former body. Eat whatever mushroom you can find and become bigger. But it's not only her height which has changed, the number of players too. Marisa's adventure starts once more. Marisa will appear in sizes from 2 to 8 heads tall. Enjoy couch-coop multiplayer with all your friends (Not Online. Real human interaction). 32 stages in total, with plans to update with +32 HARD stages.
Download: None currently available

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