Pastel Pop [J] Fuga Systems 1996

Rare Japanese Sokoban clone with such an abundance of text that you can be tired reading it, if you know how. There is a girl who has two terrible problems: first, she is anime, and secondly, there is a stone in her forehead. Apparently, the terrible ugliness very much interferes with her life, and now, asleep at night after her birthday, she sees in the dream another girl, with whom everything is much worse: she already has three stones. Somehow she takes the heroine to a magical world, where we take her under control. The gameplay is pretty hardcore Sokoban with a hard limit of moves, within which we must collect all the crystals scattered in level (and not just like that - some objects can be moved only by taking the appropriate color stone) and get to the exit, while skillfully pushing the obstacles scattered around. Visually, the game resembles some jRPG with its top view and the sprites used. It has serious puzzle difficulty, recommended to all fans of the genre who are not confused by the abundance of text in an incomprehensible language.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 103MB

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