Bibi und Tina: Das geheimnisvolle Tagebuch [G] Kiddinx 2003

Bibi and Tina want to take a ride through the surroundings of Martinshof. As they pack their rucksack in the stable and get the horses ready for the ride, they find a mysterious diary. Of course, the two friends are curious and risk a look in the diary, which has long ago led a girl named Franziska. Franziska enthusiastically describes her taking a trip with her horse "Gretl" in the area. Particularly exciting is the last described page of the book on which Franziska, unfortunately illegible, describes a hiding place in which she has kept something. Shortly determined, Bibi and Tina want to ride the trail, make the described trip points to stations of their wanderings and find the place of hiding. On the walk, the two experience a variety of exciting, interesting and at the same time funny adventure. With the help of the user, they care for their horses, overcome obstacles, have to fend off ants at the picnic, catch a stag that has been spotted out of the enclosure, guess animal sounds and much, much more. In the found diary, Bibi and Tina write their experiences on the hiking ride and also the user has the possibility to write in the diary. With digital Gute-Launstickern, a cryptographic function and various design options, the diary becomes a great extra. The new computer game with the two horse friends offers nine small, also individually selectable games with several difficulty levels, which are embedded in an exciting story from the familiar Bibi and Tina world. With the lovingly drawn and animated characters, as well as the familiar speakers, the wandering ride on the trail of the mysterious diarist becomes a unique experience. Suitable for children from 7 years.
German ISO Demo 203MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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