At Home Alone A positive / 0Cube 2018

This is a recreational healing Mini-plot game explored at home. Players will play and wander around the house from the perspective of a little girl. What will she do when she is alone? What strange stories will happen in the process, and in the process of exploration, you may find some strange secrets. A lively girl walks around in a white dress on weekdays. Characters: Girls' mothers work early and late; The boy who suddenly appeared at the door of the girl's home without knowing why; Looking for my brother's brother; A yellow haired girl with a Chihuahua. The little girl's mother went out to work. Leaving her alone at home. In an empty and quiet home, what interesting things are we going to do? It's a quiet slip into the parents' room. Or jump on a little bed. Or go to the backyard to play swing and hide and seek with your friends. Molesting the roadside kittens and puppies. Share delicious snacks and so on. Maybe there will be some wonderful stories. Maybe there will be people who do not know. There may be mysterious visitors. The game adds two concealment to three weeks. Every week, the next week's program is held at a disagreement point in a conversation (don't click too fast. Be careful - Every week there will be some subtle changes. Please pay attention when you play. Features: lovely healing style; branches to the plot; uncanny developments.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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