Who Must Die White Chamber / Plug In Digital 2018

You are a replacement doctor, responsible for finding out which of the three patients is the one that is contaminated. To do this, you can use a range of experiments to perform on the patients. You can also ask the guard to do the dirty work for you. You must choose only one patient to kill or... Maybe this job is too hard for you and you will take the last option... to not choose. This is a simulation offering an experience similar to an "escape room" in which you play a doctor. The goal is to make the player aware of his choices and the consequences this may have for a human life. Explore, search, make your choice and observe directly the result of your investigation. We chose to put videos of the team in order to make the game even more fun and convincing. The first prototype was made for the Epic Game Jam in November 2015. The game won the first prize of the jam and received many positive reviews (youtube, specialized press, Epic Games), The team decided to make it an improved version, longer and mostly replayable.
Download: None currently available

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