Rance X: Showdown Alice Soft / MangaGamer 2018

This is the 13th and final game in Alicesoft's flagship Rance Series. The 28-year-old series will finally reach its conclusion in this installment. The story begins in September of the year LP0007, around a year after the events of Rance IX. Due to being the series finale, it adapts the last sections of the original Kichikuou Rance storyline, where war breaks out between the unified forces of humanity led by Rance, and the winning faction of the Monster Realm led by Kayblis. While the game is an RPG, it's non-linear and more similar to Kichikuou Rance and Sengoku Rance in terms of replayability and decision-making. The story will change depending on the player's choices, and on a first playthrough the player will at most be able to see 50% of the game's content. As the conclusion of Rance's adventures across The Continent, the game features a huge cast of characters from all of the countries that have appeared in previous games. For this reason, 3D models are not used like they were in Rance Quest and Rance IX in order to accommodate the enormous number of playable characters.
Download: None currently available

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