Nelson and the Magic Cauldron Manuel Schenk Games 2018

This game takes place in a fantasy setting, where a young man called Nelson inherits a cabin from his deceased uncle Sid, not knowing, that the uncle had a magic cauldron during his lifetime. Nelson travels to the island, where his uncle lived and could not imagine, that the legacy will not mean wealth but responsibility. There are a lot of crazy characters, including dead uncle Sid - who will appear as a ghost -, the stone cold undertaker, the confused baron, a soup-cooking witch and the vegan zombies. It is a game of magic and a lot of humor - with many hidden jokes about other games and movies - as a homage, of course. Features: A classic Point and Click Adventure in Comic-Style; All graphics are handmade; Cinematic Soundtrack; A Quick travel feature with map will save unnecessary walkways; No annoying logic puzzles; Many crazy characters; Black Humor.
Download: None currently available

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