Puppy Love 2: The Spacening Studio Knockout 2012

This is a pick-a-path visual novel and anthro/Furry Dating game. The Puppy Love high school has moved into geostationary orbit for its next big adventure. (For reasons.) But something's gone very wrong, and it doesn't look like it'll stay in orbit much longer. Our previous protagonist, Silas, will be stepping once more into the space-boots of the hero. He must unravel the mystery that threatens to destroy the whole school. But who, or what, could be responsible? Have aliens infested the station? Are pirates infiltrating the crew? Are your friends getting possessed by the vengeful spirits of the dead? You watch the story unfold and make key choices about how Silas explores the station. But watch out - every minute that passes brings the station closer to its fiery doom. This sequel is fully twice the size (and length) of the first game, and there are a jaw-dropping nine different endings to discover. Can you get them all? Not only are there more endings than ever, we've made the bulk of the gameplay a bit less linear, giving you more paths to explore each time you play. Can you find what happened to the goldfish? Can you find what lurks in the mysterious shuttle? Can you turn your best friend purple with the power of science?
Full Demo 87MB (uploaded by FelixFerret98)

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