Me-ga-mi: Megami-chan Get Daisenryaku!? [J] Choco 2000

Long ago there was a battle between two races. One was a force centered on Orion, whose appearance resembled humanity today. The difference was two white feathers growing from the back, they wanted peace and love... The other was a force centered on the sonorot. These were also very similar to human beings. What was different was the sharp horn that grew from the head with two black feathers growing from his back. They wanted fighting, power and desire... The fight was extremely fierce, and the two forces decided to see the end by destroying the opponent's mother star. Each tribe who lost their homeland to return home to the earth I got past. Orion's tribe set up a base on the back side of the moon. People started to call them angels. The tribe of Kotoda set up a base on Mars. People have come to call them a demon. And of course there was a conflict between the two forces .. the times of thousands of years have flowed, some accident happened. A woman was not born in an angel. The way left to them was to choose a goddess among the women of the earth, except to keep the tribe. Of course the devils can not be in the way. Thus the goddess battle between heaven and hell started on the earth. The protagonist is doing Putaro who does not increase Udatsu, but in reality it is an angel who flew to the earth to find a marriage partner. In order to maintain an angelic tribe whose women are no longer born, the hero must find a bride on Earth at all. Find the girl who becomes the "goddess" of the angelic tribe among the earthling. The hero's bride searching begins...
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo (provided by annoyment & upped by Scaryfun) 497MB

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