Next Power [MAC] [J] Art System / Gakugei 1994

This is a Japanese action RPG for the Macintosh, and seems similar to the Ys series. The martial arts tournament which decides the swordsman of the imperial one is opened, and you win splendidly. That's why you have to sway the fate of the Empire. This is a relatively simple main story, with a main story and a variety of unique sub-scenarios, so the beginner can enjoy it until the end is enough. Scenario is prepared by many, such as a little dry scenario from a heartwarming family drama. Smooth movement of characters who crossed the PC to move around in dots, the characters have achieved the smooth movement of the past that could not be seen in the game. Active Combat system In the conventional RPG is expressed in speakers Dee by adopting an active combat system the battle Sea was just a time earner. Don't get frustrated anymore. Since the game was designed to work with Mac-designed games for Mac from the start, we've achieved high-level use of Mac's capabilities to the fullest. Beautiful graphics with 256 colors optimized for Mac. Easy operation by eliminating the hassle of the player.
MAC Japanese Floppy Images ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 21MB

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