Bibi und Tina: Das gro├če Herbstturnier [G] Kiddinx 2001

Help Bibi and Tina save the big autumn tournament in Falkenstein. For the first time Alex is allowed to organize the autumn tournament in Falkenstein. That's a big challenge for him. Of course Bibi and Tina help him, because there is a lot to do: The course has to be set up, the guests must be welcomed and the horses are to be looked after. But suddenly the winner's cup and the camera vanish from Karla Kolumna, the moats on the showground are full of soap foam and the poles of the big Oxers cut through. One thing is clear: someone wants to prevent the autumn tournament. Help Bibi, Tina, and Alex find the culprit and save the tournament. You can also take care of your own horse and train it for the fall tournament.
German ISO Demo 193MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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