Darwin's Test Wolfalone Studio 2018

This is a first-person action and puzzle game plunging you into a surprising dystopian universe. You play as an amnesic patient, victim of a serious accident. Doctors will take you through a protocol of care consisting of a dozen experimental tests in a research hospital. But strange events happen during these tests and start to cast doubt on your actual presence here. Who are you? Where are you? Why do you have to pass these tests? So many unanswered questions that you will have to face to discover the truth. Features: Discover an eccentric script of a great depth, which is based on an anticipation of our future society. Strong messages that will make you ask yourself about your existence and the future of humankind; An intense experience of more than four hours of play through different types of Tests (Logical, Physical, Dilemma, Sensory); A game made entirely in one year to the day, by one person; A gameplay inspired by some of the greatest titles of the video game industry (such as Portal, The Talos Principle, The Turing Test, The Witness); A total immersion thanks to fully dubbed dialogues.
Download: None currently available

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