Bibi und Tina: Fünf Sterne für den Martinshof [G] Kiddinx 2006

Bibi and Tina are thrilled: The Martinshof participates in a competition for riding stables. The winner will receive a 5-star award. Sure that the two friends want to win, but for the farm must be brought to fruition. The facade must be painted urgently and the guest rooms should be decorated. In addition, Bibi and Tina still provide for the catering of the holiday guests, make posters and hang them, plan a great horseback ride and much more ... And then there's Piccolino, the little orphan foal, the Bibi and Tina have to take care of. But somebody seems to sabotage everything ... In 10 exciting single games the user can help Bibi and Tina to make the Martinshof the riding stable of the year.
German ISO Demo 421MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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