PC Adventure Writer / WinPAW Adventure Writing System Graeme Yeandle 2001

The Quill was a text adventure creation tool published on the ZX Spectrum by Gilsoft in December 1983. Although available to the general public, it was used by several games companies to create best-selling titles; over 450 commercially published titles for the ZX Spectrum. In 1986, an improved version was released named the Professional Adventure Writer or PAW. It's textual input parser was more sophisticated, meaning inputs were no longer confined to the two-word telegraphic verb noun (e.g. "GO WEST; TAKE LAMP") style. PAW also supported NPCs, different character sets, and full use of the memory of the 128K ZX Spectrum. An updated version of the CP/M version of PAW for MS-DOS was later released by Graeme Yeandle for free as PC Adventure Writer. Later a program called WinPAW was written by Douglas Harter. It could read adventures written in PAW, but ran under MS-Windows and had a few extensions to the original. The adventures made in WinPAW could only be played using the MS Windows runtime. In 2009 InPAWS was released in its first version. It allows you to extract PAW adventures, edit them or create from scratch and write back a database for PAW for either Amstrad CPC or ZX Spectrum. It thus also allows PAW adventures to be ported between the systems.
WinPAW v6.0+ Update v6.2 7.3+2.4MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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