Pecos Bill Studio Interactive, Rabbit Ears Productions Inc. / Philips Media 1995

This was originally a CD-i release from 1991 before being ported to PC. For children Ages 6 to 10, give your child a gift of learning that will last a lifetime. The greatest American cowboy that ever lived, Pecos Bill was raised by coyotes and could tame the meanest rattlesnake. He's credited with inventing the lasso, the round-up, and cowboy songs. This colorful humorous tale, includes characters like the wild horse Lightening, cowboy Pistol Pete, and renowned rider Sluefoot Sue. This classic tale voiced by Robin Williams is enhanced with original songs so you cab listen and sing-along. Discis Books offer a complete family of award-winning, interactive books on CD- ROM with the Kids Can Read series of contemporary and classic children's literature. More than talking storybooks - each offers a range of learning tools that can be customized to the individual reader's needs. Just point and click on any word or picture element to obtain a pronunciation in English or Spanish, hear syllables or an in-context explanation of any word in the text. Reading and learning have never been easier.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 252MB (uploaded by Gamecare)

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