Iós [J] Kodansh / UIC 1995

In an Interactive Novel, unlike the previous novels and movies, you (the player yourself) participate in the drama as the main character and proceed with the story. In "Iós", your reasoning power is more than meets your eye. The FMV scenes are directed by Akira Ishigaki and viewed in Quicktime. Use your reasoning power to revive Shikotsu. To solve the mystery of the memory loss of Arisa, a number of items and subtitles help reasoning. You're in the real last scene... Can it be reached? Challenge your reasoning power. One year in production. Arisa Yuuki is a heroine of fascination that exists only in the computer. To meet her perky smile, only in this CD-ROM. When you are tired of reasoning, a photo book of Ishigaki chapter can be enjoyed on display. It's a beautiful and fun photo taken separately, It heals your tiredness. This is an independent CD-ROM product with a masterpiece that transcends the "bonus" area. The time-based level is a diary that opens a meeting of words.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 172MB

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