Samurai Mech [MAC] [J] Hulinks 1992

A sci-fantasy CRPG where players take on the role of an inexperienced samurai having recently traveled from Earth to an orbital archipelago built during Japan's golden age of technology. Emphasis rests on making connections, buying/modifying equipment/parts to increase your power in battle, and learning how to wield a sword using the game's unique turn-based battle interface allowing for specific gestures and stances. Remembered for being one of a rarefied few Mac games made in Japan, the game was due for localization outside the country but a deal never came to pass. The game was designed for KanjiTalk. While it was a monochrome screen, it was a masterpiece that takes 40 hours to clear up, 7 floppy disks. The setting that the Meiji Restoration does not occur until the 26th century and the Edo shogunate continues governance. The shogunate, who suffers from population problems, builds colonies on the floating continents found in near-space and makes mass migrations. In the basement of the space city named "Oedo", numerous remains of machines left by the super advanced ancient civilization are sleeping. They are called "Mech", and in Oedo the technical civilization using this Mec has developed. The player is a young man who wants to be a samurai who lives in the town of Oedo, "Shenzhen". Sometime Fukagawa was attacked by a mysterious ninja group, and as a result, the player is involved in plotting over the mysterious Mech that sleeps deep under Oedo deeply. SF entertainment era play RPG.
MAC Japanese Floppy Images ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 340MB

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