Bibi und Tina 4: Spuk im Zeltlager [G] Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH / bvm 2002

Be there when Bibi and Tina solve the mystery of the mysterious spookies. A tent camp will be set up in front of the old mill - just on the competition route of Bibi and Tina. The two are angry. But as soon as the first holiday children arrived in the tent camp, it is exciting: The clothes of camp leader Paul Pingel disappear while bathing in the Baggersee, in the sleeping bags of the children are nettles and someone pollinated the ponies Max and Moritz with flour. The camp leader accuses Bibi and Tina of being behind the pranks. And then a letter from the ghost of the old mill appears. You can help Bibi and Tina unlock the mystery of the ghost and convince Paul Pingel of their innocence. In the horse gallery, you get to know different breeds of horses better by assigning to them characteristics such as stick size, physique or descent. You also get exciting additional information and can print everything as a trading card.
German ISO Demo 262MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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