Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles Boomzap Pte. Ltd. / Encore Software Inc. 2008

This is a casual game with a fantasy/wizard school theme. There are 9 arcade and puzzle game types available, although the player only starts being able to play three of them (a fishing game, a collapse game, and a block packing game) and must unlock the rest. Winning any game will earn the player points in three different categories: Mind, Craft and Nature. The player has to spend different amounts of points to unlock later stages of each game. Once the player has finished all 25 levels in each game, they get one of three possible endings depending on which of the three scores is highest. Each stage consists of 4 regular levels and one bonus level with a different style of gameplay - the fishing game becomes a shooter game where you have to zap fish with a shrink ray, for example, while the collapse game becomes a puzzle where you have to clear pre-arranged sets of blocks, and so on. The nine games are: Alchemy (match-three, collect potion items); Celestial Spheres (Zuma-like marble shooter game); Dark Lake (fishing game); Fairy Races (top-down racing game); Gnome Mines (packing game); Mystic Tripeaks (tripeaks game); Pixie Blocks (collapse game); Pyromancy (fireworks matching game); Runejong (mahjong matching game).
Full Demo 46MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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