Chook & Sosig 1-4 TookiPalooki 2017

Chook & Sosig Say hello to Chook and Sosig. They are friendly and they like you. They want to solve mysteries and you can help them nosy around the Neighbourhood. :) It's a quick visual novel game with 6 endings, smiley characters and some not so smiley, and has a car chase. Chook & Sosig :A Case of Murder Something terrible has happened in The Neighbourhood. A resident has been murdered and no-one is owning up to it. With help a few hours away on the mainland, Chook and Sosig use that time to investigate crime scenes, talk to their neighbours and snoop for evidence. This is a small portion of what was to be a larger game but was not completed and takes about 10-15 minutes to play. There is just the one ending with the choices only making small changes to the story flow and appearance. Chook & Sosig: Hit the Club A flyer has arrived recruiting new members to join a goblin role-playing club at The Cheeky Unicorn pub. This short point and click adventure game was created in two weeks for Adventure Jam 2017. Chook hardly appears in the game, I think she's taking full advantage of having the TV at home to herself, It's mainly about Sosig wobbling around a pub. It should take roughly around 15 minutes to play. Chook & Sosig: Long Weekend A very short point and click game, this time controlling a character called Chook. We are all going to be having a brilliant holiday camping in Rotorua. This is a very wibbly little game with a VERY loose story-line as it's made up of a few little learning experiments. Talking to characters multiple times and re-examining objects can yield some slightly different results. As can the order some things are carried out. It should take roughly 10 minutes to play.
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