Gizmo Dane Winn, Alec Smith / Milo Games 2018

Earth is being reconstructed and that's bad. Gizmo is a Saturday-morning 3D platformer inspired by 90s classics of the genre. All humans have been put to sleep except for the ingenious Doctor Bolt who is reconstructing the planet into a fully mechanised one. The only problem is that this has taken a long time and he ought to be stopped. Earth is now one huge construction site built by Dr Bolt's population of robots Collapse into canister form and roll around Arctic Base 4, bouncing off robot heads and slamming into droids at high velocity. Find the transmission beacons among the pipes and platforms, listen to Dr Bolt's broadcasts and discover what's behind that giant locked door. Features: One level and a TON of stuff to do in it. You can either take your time and finish the level normally or you can collect all the hidden beacons, kill all the enemies and smash all the barrels; We love high skill ceilings and Gizmo is no exception. For skilled players there is a secret door that will start to close after 60 seconds, leading to a bonus area; And of course, you're timed throughout the whole thing. Gizmo has a surprisingly high level of finesse when speed running and there is a ton of moves and surprising ways of navigating the world that can shed off those valuable seconds; Fully customizable controls so you can play how best suits you; 3 Achievements.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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