AVC's Survival Guide Sabao Soft 2018

The T.V. was on and the 8 mm projector was unceasingly turning... It was at that moment that Tony TheFly's alarm clock rang: it was Monday, which meant he had to attend the editing lecture... and he would be late again. Tony was in the Audiovisual Communication study program and he had been asked to carry out the whole process for making a short film, but things would not be easy. Classmates would not feel like hard working (for free, obviously), his "wacky" flatmate, a goblin living in inhospitable places, a phone out of battery... in short, as unreal as life itself. Features: More than 60 locations, carefully filmed in high resolution; No command typing... it includes point n’click technology; Relentless jabs, and cryptic in-jokes only smart people will understand; No need for buying downloadable content... We believe that you should not pay more than 20€ for a computer game.
Level Demo 863MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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