Broken Reality Dynamic Media Triad / Digital Tribe 2018

It is the future, and supercorp NATEM is now responsible for offering most digital services. Your computer and the internet are all within NATEM's control. Dive into a full-3D adventure with cutting-edge graphics. Solve puzzles, meet wonderful people, find hidden items and secrets. Leave all your worries behind. Features: Find passion in our exclusive Love Cruise, or gamble away in the casinos of GeoCity. Everything you need is one click away; Cut ads into pieces with your katana, find secrets with your camera, teleport with your bookmarker and much more with our varied set of tools; Meet a diverse cast of characters and help them along the way; Collect likes to upgrade your account and gain access to new levels; Arcade-style mini games and a variety of quirky quests; Rich audio environments and dynamic soundtracks that match your progression; Non violent action.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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