Ricky Runner: Superboot Cup Contra Concept 2018

Early Access Release: Put on a pair of sparking Super-Boots and experience the freedom of movement in the thrilling Physics-Based world of Ricky Runner - Community-Driven Hardcore 3D Platformer with heavy emphasis on player freedom, choice and online competition. Dive deep into the amazing disintagrating multilayered maze, explore the arenas and find your best paths to get the highest score. Climb down all the way to hell and prove you have what it takes to finish the never beaten Super-Boot Cup. Challenge yourself, your friends, or the whole world over the highscore on some of the most challenging arenas you have ever seen. Features: Gameplay first; Easy to learn, hard to master; Heavy emphasis on player freedom and choice; Highly replayable; Official leaderboards; Community & Support. With this unique gadget the whole PHYSICS-BASED world turns into a huge interactive PLAYGROUND. Not only you can RUN on the WALLS, POWER SLIDE but the Super Boots also serve as a HOVERBOARD. Choose your way to play - Freely EXPLORE the arenas, discover & optimize YOUR PATH to get the best score. Dynamic & living physics based world - Experience the fluid movement in the joyous fully physics-based world filled obstacles, puzzles, living creatures & robots to be interacted with. Early Access: 30+ final quality fully enjoyable levels in our unique physics world and 1 BOSS fight; Online leader boards; New challenges coming usually twice a month. To be added: Level Editor; Player profile with stats, country specification, XP points, badges as challenge rewards; Player friend lists; Online race mode - multiple players will compete in an arena at the same time + rewards; Speedrun mode.
Download: None currently available

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