Samurai Mech 2 [MAC] [J] Hulinks 1994

This is a sequel to the Japanese sci-fi RPG with mechs. In Samurai Mech I, a Bounty Hunter libertine and Wonderland. Islands colony at the end of the universe, a bounty hunter has arrived. Castle amusement park, adult socializing, huge corporations. Unleash various events in a variety of 6 Islands. Added degrees of freedom to new scenarios, everything is interesting and combat added to redesigned mech systems, strategic, powerful Monster graphics and further level. The popular SF historical RPG introduces color. It's fun to come back and refine. There's a new map system. With the click of a mouse that can be moved. Inside are offices. It's combinations of mech parts weapons and armor, everyday until the building by the player himself. In battles, enemies will total more than 100 bodies. Powerful graphics are worth a look there. There's a new item, a cyber panel. Essential to the bounty hunter must be a useful mobile intelligent.
MAC Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 126MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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