Oscar The Balloonist Discovers Africa: The Savannah Tivola 2004

Balthasar Pumpernickel is a big aficionado of things in Africa, or at least he believes that. Because when he shows Oscar his slideshow and claims that crocodiles live on trees and elephants are dangerous carnivores, Oscar is startled. Somehow it all seems a bit strange, and so he decides to travel to the savannah himself and to meet the animals once in person. It quickly turns out that after so many Oscar adventures, Balthasar still has no idea about the wildlife. Oscar visits lions and baboons, elephants, crocodiles and many other animals and learns a lot about the ways of life of the animals. Pavel Pavian, for example, tells of his big family with innumerable aunts and cousins. When Oscar asks him about the nest and the eggs, the baboons according to Balthasar's descriptions, Pavel must laugh. Baboons are mammals and do not lay eggs. And Elli, the elephant cow, explains to Oscar why elephants wash themselves with mud and that they can use their big ears as fans on hot days. To get to the various games, Oscar must know if the three claims the animals make are right or wrong. If he has previously looked around the animals and talked to them, it is no problem to know the correct answer and unlock the game. For example, he plays with the elephants or plays with the monkey "louse the baboon" and frees the monkey from all lice.
English/German ISO Demo 387MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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