Patti Pain Bondage Poker Redfire Games / CDV Software Entertainment 2000

In an old warehouse, deep down in the basement, there is the dungeon of Mistress Patti Stoker, also known as Patti Pain. She owns three slaves against whom you must prove your skill in poker. If you lose, you, like her butler, will become her slave. Forever... This is the short story behind the game, developed by the company known for its erotic comic games, such as Inside Lula. Also you only get to see erotic drawings or short animations, which makes the game get away with a USK16. The game itself is a typical strip poker variation and actually addresses only men as a target group. There are three difficulty levels and three opponents. If the selected opponent, who is captivated on the screen during the entire game, loses 100 monetary units, a short video sequence is shown, where certain parts are zoomed in closer. The game remains decent and leaves the slaves at least their panties (in reality, that would certainly be different). After this sequence, one then sees the slave tied up in another, usually more erotic, position. It remains to be hoped that one preserves the nerves at this sight and continues to play calmly. While considering which tactic to use next, one hears lashes followed by groaning noises as underpinning. Especially the lashes are really successful and contribute to a "good" atmosphere. As an additional feature, the graphics can also be set to black and white, which some people find even more aesthetic.
ISO Demo 514MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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