Hades: Battle out of Hell Supergiant Games 2018

Early Access Release From the creators of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre, this is a spectacular, roguelike dungeon crawler, set in a world known from Greek mythology. We play the role of a man trying to get out of the mythological hell - the title Hades.The son of the god of death is contradicting the will of his father, setting off on a journey, trying to get out of his kingdom. We observe the action from above, from an isometric perspective. Our task is to pass randomly generated boards and kill ever stronger monsters. As the game progresses, we develop our character's skills, which allows us to take on even more difficult challenges. Typically for the roguelike genre, the game is characterized by a high level of difficulty - sooner or later we will go, but only to come back a moment later and use the experience gained in a new battle. The combat system requires dexterity and is characterized by high spectacularity. It has very nice three-dimensional graphics (the perspective forces the game to play in two dimensions, but the models of characters, monsters and game environment are made in 3D). The most striking feature is the attractive and colourful artistic style, which evokes associations with comics. The production has the character of a game-services - the creators develop it gradually, supplementing it with new content and new storyline threads.
Download: None currently available

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