Surge Campus ADN 2017-2018 2018

This is a 2.5D metroid-vania adventure platformer game. You play as the brilliant Dr Lazarus who lost an arm and his memories. His new prosthetic the A.R.M., however, helps him fling & hook himself across the megalopolis of Brahma. With the assistance of your personal A.I. friend Galatea, find a way to stop Infinium's devastating effects on the human brain, retrieve your memories, fight the powerful Golems using your gadgets & upgrades — but hurry up before it's too late. This original title is the result of the combined efforts of the classes of 2017-2018 (Level Design, 3D modelling and Animation) of Le Campus ADN, in Montreal (Quebec), Canada. This capstone project was created in during a 15 week-long dedicated production under the guidance of video game industry professionals.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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