Tenka Touitsu [MAC] [J] Yukihiro Kuroda, Muse Software Co. Ltd. / SystemSoft 1992

This is a strategy game, set in Japan with an ancient/classical/medieval theme. Approximately 400 years ago, Japan has one of the best stage settings. The instinctive devotion to raise some tactician and (win) in human beings have been waged. So far since prehistoric times, this is the origin of "strategy" here. Holding your own ground in nationwide various places. It's cold, and agile maneuver strategy. From the battle field, a siege unfolded. Countries might move in unison. Begin to walk on the way to unify the country. Ever-changing circumstances required. Castle place, reproduced on the basis of historical facts. He and his warlords, targeting. Full-fledged civil wars simulation game. Some, who worked on the game designer Yukihiro Kuroda Clearly was abetting. The wisdom legacy of our ancestors, that there are further important factors not necessarily decisive for the outcome. The nature of much fighting experience, but even in this age difference between the army always concerns. Not surprisingly, the number of enemy rely on only the intensity of the battle-hardened followers, and luck. What has been forged in battle, with their wisdom and leadership, this is an era for generals who run wild - a dream to an epic World boasted overwhelming power. When only the size of the army by the simple quality of these connect with the exquisite machine, changes multiplying, flexibility and decisiveness. And a strategist who led broad perspective. Warlords of his leadership. Pull it out fully, for example, military discipline and loyalty.
MAC Japanese Floppy Images ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 68MB

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