Doki Doki On Air Drama Series Vol.1-4 [MAC] [J] Bottom Up 1997

This is a simulation games of a radio program which as a theme is rare for video games. Strictly speaking, this game is "game of voice actors on radio". The main character that the hero who was doing AD for one year and a half is called by a familiar Culture Broadcasting · Yoshiyuki Kamiyuki Producer (Current Director, Broadcasting Business Bureau Director) and begins with being appointed director of new program. It's a 30-minute program, time zones and sponsors are randomly chosen. There are three voice actors that can be chosen as personality, Mr. Komori Manami, Mr. Tange Sakura, Haruna Ikesawa. Continue to select the elements of the program from candidates. It seems that the reliability (initial value) from sponsor and personality in these selects will change. So, although it is the content of the game itself, it will become a director and will make a program of one cool (13 weeks). The biggest job is making a composition table of the program. Besides, guests' booking, requesting interviews with magazines, placement of public recordings, and work of novelty are added. Construction table making is the task of deciding what to do in 24 minutes other than opening talk (3 minutes) and ending (3 minutes). Guest talk (5 minutes), radio drama (10 minutes), music (2 minutes), postcard recruitment announcement (1 minute), present announcement (3 minutes), CM (30 seconds), letter introduction (1 minute) 1 minute), sponsor announcement (1 minute), content such as event and guest announcement last week (one minute) will fill in the time. The postcard to choose from among 10 sheets by yourself. At first, it is written that contents such as consultation · report · gag · question etc. It is honest mystery whether this select influences the evaluation of the program. By the way, as a guest of the program, you can call Mr. Asaka Ryotaro, Mr. Ryotaro Okiayu, Michio Tomizawa, Megumi Toyoguchi, Makiko Toyoshima, Yukana Nogami, Ms. Noriko Hidaka, Ms. Akiko Hiramatsu and Hirosu Yuuki . A budget of 100P is decided for the program of 1 cool from the beginning, and points are required for guest booking, magazine interview, public recording, novelty work. Vol.2 Personality is selected from Junko Iwao, Tomosa Yokoyama, Yuko Nagao . Seiyu Kuwashima, Yuka Imai, Mr. Takehito Koyasu, Mr. Suzuki Shinnito, Ms. Eikei Kyoko are guests who can call the voice actors, Mami Komori seems to be a special guest who can call that some condition is complete. Adventure part was added, and it became possible to walk around Culture Broadcasting. Besides Mr. Shiraishi and Mr. Sasaki, Director Mikiko Sato, Nobita Hasegawa, President Shinichi Minegishi (then) also appeared. It seems like you have decided the name of the letter of corner and so on. Also new radio drama. It seems that the theme song is sung by Masako Toyoshima. Vol.3 Masami Kogetsu and Ms. Yuko Miyamura appear.
MAC Japanese 4CD ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 215+239+210+229MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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