Sorry! Third-i Productions / Hasbro Interactive Ltd. 1998

Sorry!, the classic board game of slide and pursuit, has been supercharged for the PC. Animated game pieces have individual personalities, and the whole game is conveyed in exciting, 3-D graphics. Best of all, you can play others via the Internet. It includes the classic version of the game as well as a team variant, strategic Sorry, and the new Way Sorry! where new cards are introduced, including Bully, Buddy, Punish, and Happy. The animated pawns talk, joke, and make amusing remarks during gameplay that relate with the colors' personalities. There are cutscenes as well, which show what happens afterward when a specific color wins. Rules are identical to normal play; however there are some options for "house rules", such as being allowed to bump teammates. Both the Classic (playing cards drawn) and Strategy (playing cards from hand) games are available.
ISO Demo 427MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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