Ritter Rost: Die eiserne Burg [G] Terzio 2000

The titles of the Ritter Rost series by Jörg Hilbert and Felix Janosa are not popular for nothing. The mix of fun, music (which is not embarrassing) and education finds an ever-growing band of followers. Populated by a bevy of scurrilous figures, the titles of the series are iconic and witty. Of course, this also applies to the CD-ROM Ritter Rost and the Iron Castle. There are always new surprises in the hidden corners of the Iron Castle. And of course there are also old acquaintances like the fiery dragon Kok and the inconspicuous dame Miss Bö, who is always tired of housekeeping. A nice court succession for our knight. And of course, as always, there is a lot of music.
German ISO Demo 388MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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