Krabat Rapaki / Załožba za serbski lud 2001

A magical, amazing, and charming world of Krabat. It's a name that enchanted people since time immemorial. Whether reading fun how old, brilliant cinema experience, trips to the theatre stage or whole festival - it's the Serbian mythology for the young becoming more popular than ever. The developer's hearts beat not under the California Sun but in the midst of Lausitz. Five persons under the name of RAPAKI (Serbian for the Ravens) made the first Serbian computer game. It was a point-and-click adventure game "Krabat is returned" after five years of intensive work of leisure and in the official order of the "Foundation for the Serbian people". The PC game is therefore only in an upper - and lower Serbian language version and boasts a mix of well-known elements of the legend with new ideas. The authors retained the source code of their project for the story - and even put it in open access in 2013, trying to organize the translation into German and porting to the Android mobile platform. “Krabat” is the name of the famous hero of Pudzha's folklore: the poor podpaska, who became the pupil of the sorcerer and subsequently not only defeated his unkind mentor, but also helped many peasants with his magic (and according to rumors - to the Saxon Elector himself). This story was literally handled by the Serbuga-Luzhian writer and artist Merchin Novak-Nehorn in 1954 in the novel Mišter Krabat, although the general public is much more famous for the fairy tale of the German children's author Otfried Proisler, Krabat, or the Legends of an Old Mill, published seventeen years later, including the one published in the USSR in Russian and became the basis for several screen versions, including the large-scale German film of 2008. In their work Rapaki, they rethink the same story; according to folklorists. Events unfold in the last years of the XVII century; Pudzha is under the rule of foreign Saxony - and the military adventures of Augustus the Strong bring only adversity to the common people. It has full voice acting and a nice musical soundtrack.
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