Krabat a potajnstwo serbskeho krala Rapaki 2015

This is a classic point-and-click adventure around the famous Serbian mythical character Krabat, which dates back to 1714 when August the Strong gets really annoyed, though Lusatia is suffering from the tyranny of its greedy squires. Unknowingly, an old Serbian power shakes the gates of the Saxon kingdom, the best time for new adventures, new friends and enemies, the best time for... Krabat. This is a followup to the 2001 game Krabat by the same developer and was made after 6 years using the Wintermute engine. Features: A whole new story about the famous Sorbian wizard Krabat; Hand-drawn adventures, which lead you to historical circumstances and places like castle Moritzburg near Dresden or Bautzen; Authentic Serbian language including German texts; A fantastic soundtrack with newly composed and newly arranged Serbian songs.
Serbian Part 1 - Windows 10 Demo 1.3GB (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

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