Inch by Inch LevelXProject, Dare Looks 2018

You play a shrinking scientist in a race against time: Can you find all necessary formulas and ingredients to produce the antidote and stop shrinking, before you are too small to operate the life-saving lab equipment? Processing ingredients takes valuable time – time you should use to search for missing components or rearrange the lab for when you may be too small to reach the machines you need. Gameplay - Search for the formulas and ingredients you need to produce the three key components of the antidote. Each formula corresponds to one of the machines in the lab. They produce new ingredients, which may be used in other formulas or are one of the three key ingredients you are looking for. To win, collect all three key ingredients and place them inside the antidote processor. When you shrink too small, the game is over. Features: Randomly generated formulas and item locations: A different challenge, every game; Four difficulty settings, including customizable difficulty; Heightscore - Keep track of your best scores and fastest playtimes; Sandbox Mode - Explore the lab and the many different game settings. Originally, it was developed for a game jam, but after improving and polishing, this commercial version has been released.
Free Game Jam Version 53MB (uploaded by

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