Alfons Åberg: Bara Överallt [Sw] Gammafon 2002

Alfons Åberg "Just everywhere!" is based on the books with the character (Alfie Atkins in English) by Gunilla Bergström. It looks like an ordinary day. Alfons Åberg rises up and plays for a while. Dad calls out that it is time to have lunch and soon it is evening and bedtime. But in the imagination there are no ordinary days. "I'm just going," says Alfons Åberg, and then anything can happen. Hangers turn into snails and brushes for angels. The glass bowl becomes a temple, dad's shoe a spacecraft and the fish pegs become dominoes. You play and fantasize with Alfons and his dad - and Mållgan so clear. Alfons' best friends Viktor and Milla will be happy to play and you can go home to grandmother and play with the big cabins. A total of 17 different games.
Swedish ISO Demo 413MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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