Bamse I Egypten [Sw] Nordic License Toys 2007

An adventure where Bamse, Skalman and Lille Skutt travel to Egypt in Skalman's air balloon to search for the lost professor Glyf. An exciting story, written by Rune Andréasson, told by Olof Thunberg. You can help the three friends to cope with the difficulties that occur during the journey. Five games: The balloon game, The maze game, The Mummy game, The camel game, The helicopter game. The games are available in 3 different levels of difficulty. Paint pages, five different motifs that can be colored in the computer or print and paint with crayons. Puzzle, three different motifs with 6, 9 and 12 pieces. When you have completed a puzzle you will see or hear a funny ending. Songs, listen and sing along. Three songs with karaoke function that you can also print.
Swedish ISO Demo 154MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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