Bolibompa Drakens Hus [Sw] Pan Vision 2001

Bolibompa: The Dragon's House - Here you meet Draken and her friends Kossan, Älgen and Albatrossen. It's based on a tv series with with a live action green dragon. Join us on a journey of discovery full of play and fun pranks. It is recommended for children between 4 and 8 years. You can get fruit or talk about the dragon's house. When you enter the house you can investigate everything the dragon has in there. And don't forget to look for what goes under the hatch in the floor. There are many fun places to visit. Look into the toy store, cinema or theater. At the theater you can help the dragon, the river, the Kossan and Albatross to choose from all the theater's clothing. Wedding dress, indian plume and cowboy boots can be really neat together. Also, root around the scrap heap and see what you can find there. The voices are made by Robert Gustafsson, Ika Nord, Vanna Rosenberg and Johan Ulvesson. You can also visit the river's café and Kossan's dairy.
Swedish ISO Demo 547MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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