Dieselråttor Och Sjömansmöss [Sw] PAN Vision 2002

This game is based on the Christmas calendar from 2002 with the same name and is based on a live action tv series of "Diesel rats & seamen's mice". Tthe children Ofelia and Philémon are with their father on their way to Gothenburg aboard a ship, but in a magical way they shrink to small creatures and end up in the ship's hold. There are all sorts of other small filets, such as diesel rats and sailors' mice, and of course a lot of adventures. The game that builds on / complements the Christmas calendar is divided into three different departments. First it is the main game itself, a slightly simpler adventure game where you have to walk around the different rooms on the ship and solve missions, collect points and finally fight and defeat the evil sun cat who threatens to destroy the ship and its cargo with Christmas spices. You have to catch reluctant seahorses, play with poaching pirates, and ask the oracle of the oil spill for advice, among other things. If you manage to help Master Estragon then you become "master of the engine room" (when you start you are just a "lousy fur bit"). How you lie in the game you can check on the adventure thermometer where the number of captured seahorses, inverted pirates and the vapor pressure are reported. Beware of pounding pirate noses in the shady hole. Pedagogical clues in the form of a small story you get from time to time in the so-called "Instruction Book". It has Sven Wollter 's narration and for the children it may be like a bonus story. Do your best to listen / read carefully what is said in each section. You can also choose whether it is Ofelia or Filemon to help you during the game. The one you choose will give you some hints about where to go or what to do. When they want to tell you something, the little icon flashes with her / his face in the corner. You save both the stuff you need in the game itself and the whole of your game you do in your very own little treasure chest that you can choose your own color. The click spots are small animated happenings that certainly only amuse very small little siblings. For the little children, there are things to look at in the " Ball Bearing ". Some simple click activities where you can color the drawings, print instructions for "you build a gingerbread rocket", play at Åskars steamboat saddle and a little bit more.Last but not least, and what I think most children will appreciate the most, are the 24 luck activities. The idea is that every day you get a code in the TV calendar which is the password for today's "luck game". The hatch activities contain slightly different activities. Most is the small game (tick past ice blocks, jump from thin to thin) but also puzzles, mazes, memory and the like. There are three levels of difficulty in almost all games, which is good for not being tired of the simplest. If you manage everything, you get a small bonus in the form of ornaments that you can dress a Christmas tree at the end of the game.
Swedish ISO Demo 420MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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