En Decemberdröm [Sw] Pan Vision 2005

This game based on the Christmas adventure calendar tv series of the same name is about Bobo who one day finds out a secret. This secret is the reason why so many are sad and Bobo is burdened by the knowledge. But then one day something strange happens. Bobo gets a football in his head during the training and he slides into a dream world where he happens to have a lot of adventures. In his dream, he discovers a strange city located in the underworld. Most people who live there work as a comforter, a job that involves going to the ordinary world and comforting everyone who is sad. It is an important job because there are so many who are sad that all their tears penetrate into the underworld and threaten to flood the tear dam. If the pond bursts, is the entire underworld in danger?
Swedish ISO Demo 517MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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