Stair Quest No More For Today Productions 2016

The realm of Castle's Wood is in despair. As famine, war, disease, and natural disaster wreak havoc upon the land, good King Jonathan seeks the counsel of a wise old Soothsayer. "Seek ye out the Orb of Stars," she tells King Jonathan. Says the King, "The Orb of Stars is but a legend!" The Soothsayer replies with a sly grin, "Even in legend may one find the truth, m'lord." So, King Jonathan dispatches his bravest knight, Sir Devon, to quest for the legendary Orb of Stars. Little does he know his own daughter, Princess Ingrid, has also set out in search of the legendary relic. This is a retro adventure game that pays homage to the most enchanting, pulse-pounding moments from the early King's Quest games. Gorgeous EGA graphics inspired by classic Sierra On-Line adventure games like King's Quest and The Black Cauldron. An innovative text parser that recognizes literally thousands of commands. Multiple protagonists. Choose to play as either the brave Sir Devon or the daring Princess Ingrid. An original 8-bit soundtrack so good it could pass as a 9-bit soundtrack. An old-school instruction manual filled with Stair Quest lore and important tips for success. So authentic, it could have been written by Roberta Williams herself. (It wasn't.) Developed for AdventureJam 2016. A Special Edition, with added rooms, improved animation, and fixed bug was later released in 2017.
Special Edition - Free Game 19MB (uploaded by

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