Pepper Prince, The Hypnotic Owl 2019

This is a rhyming fairy tale adventure about love, grief, and the power of friendship. Let your imagination take you on a fantastical journey to the Pepper Kingdom where you meet quirky fairy-tale-inspired characters and solve delightful puzzles. It's a point&click adventure for everyone. It's not going to challenge you with complex systems, difficult decisions or complicated puzzles, but charm you with whimsical characters and amusing dialog. The game's minimalist ASCII-art graphics will engage your imagination and help you relax from the constant overstimulation of today. Each episode is a 30-60 minute adventure continuing your quest to help the Pepper Prince and his magical kingdom. The pepper prince is getting married. And the honor has fallen upon you to cater this magical event. Slip into the role of Hansel or Gretel who, after having been adopted by the gingerbread witch, are now running a successful confectionery business. So when they are called upon by their friend, the pepper prince, they decide to bake them a very special wedding cake. Unfortunately things don't work out as planned and soon there's a mysterious change in weather, a disappearance, and a broken heart to be mended. Features: Experience a quirky, rhyming fairy tale adventure; Enjoy approachable, inclusive, frustration-free fun; Explore a magical ASCII-art world; Listen to a beautiful original soundtrack; Find lots of amazing puns (a couple of good ones even); Do some serious pointing and clicking. Seasoning 1 is released in 5 short installments, each continuing the story from the last episode. Episodes 2-5 will be available as separate DLC or as part of the Seasoning Pass. Episode 1 - Red Hot Chili Wedding (Jan 3), Episode 2 - The Sadness (Apr 22) A sadness has befallen the Pepper Kingdom. The prince is heartbroken. It is on you to help your friend and find a cure. As the story kicks into gear, you'll be faced with greater challenges and more complex puzzles as you discover new and unexplored worlds, and perhaps even learn the art of putting two items together to make something new. Episode 3 - Into Thin Air (May), Episode 4 - Lover's Peak (July), Episode 5 - A Royal Descent (Sep).
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