Fem Myror Är Fler Än Fyra Elefanter [Sw] Pan Vision 2007

"Five ants are more than four elephants" is based on the classic TV series with the same name and playful pedagogy. Via the menu you can easily follow the elephants on exciting trips or visit Magnus and Brasse. In the elephants you can learn to recognize letters and numbers. In addition, you can throw coconuts at Tarzan, get the penguins to dance etc. Magnus and Brasse offer games and exercises in three different levels. You choose which level suits you best. Help Magnus write love letters, count weights in Brasse's awesome gym, educate you as a C-agent with the help of the clever machine c. In addition, the album is permeated by music, children's frames and lots of mischievous surprises. Welcome to Magnus, Brasses and all the animals of the animals. In part 2 "you follow Magnus and Brasse on new breathtaking adventures. Just like part 1, the game is based on the classic, almost cult-explained TV series. Our hope is that as many children as learned read, count and much more via television in the 70's, should learn through the computer today and have at least as much fun. How about hanging with the elephants on space adventures to the planets Gigantus, Cube, Numerus and Alphabet? Feed the Glass Monster with Geoglass? Help Magnus look for sausages in the maze so maybe the Fyrax monster lets him out of his claws. But the smartest of all must probably be to teach Brasse Vänster / Högerkörning, so that he can finally get his driving license ... Magnus does not want waves in the hair, fix the leak with the Brasse, the 2-hook, the Z-angle and the other tubes. What do you say, dare you throw yourself into Magnus and Brasse's crunchy, sneaky, whimsical world A TIME TO? You never know what can happen there.
Swedish ISO Demo 560MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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