Fixat! Levande Böcker 2003

Based on the eminent and extremely popular children's program Fixat! which was on SVT between the years 2002-2004. In the program "Snickar-Pär" together with a whole series of children called "Superfixer" showed how to manufacture, build, paint, etc. One problem has appeared. You have been left alone to take care of the food for a few days. How will it go? You have to fix than one and the other. If you fix all the assignments you will surely become a real superfixer. Carpenter Pär is with you all the time and gives you help. You do not need to feel completely abandoned. You get quite a variety of assignments. You should, among other things, fix a newspaper, design CD covers, decorate rooms and make sweatshirts.
Swedish ISO Demo 247MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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