Prinzessin Lillifee: Schm├╝cken und Schminken [G] Tivola 2006

Decorate and make-up with Princess Lillifee CD collecting and swapping games. Each of the first 4 Lillifee CD-ROMs is a small world in its own right in the princess's castle garden. But if you have more than one CD-ROM, the garden of Lillifee expands. Not only can you get seamlessly into another part of the garden, you get even more features. Dress up - We see Lillifee standing in front of us like a dancer. With the help of the mouse, the player can dress the princess differently: various clothes, shoes, jewelery, gloves, stockings etc. are available. Any combination can be saved and printed; also a dispatch as email to friends is possible. Make-up game - We see Lillifee's head. All make-up items are arranged around it. There are various lipsticks, rouge, eye shadow, earrings, crowns, bows, hair clips with butterfly motifs and various hairstyles. You can also save, send or print this Lillifee.
German ISO Demo 463MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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