Hugo Trollskolan: Utmaningen I Tornet [Sw] Kreagames 2010

Hugo is faced with the final exam in the Troll Academy - Tower Challenge. Here he learns to change shape to a stone and to a whirlwind and use his moonlight. Giles is the wise teacher at the Troll Academy. Together with the other teachers, they organize the tower test, which is an examination from the Troll Academy, which all witchhair aspirants must undergo before they become a genuine troll hero. The magic test consists of a number of challenges in the form of platform games. In the tower there are a lot of doors. Behind each door hides a platform path that you who play Hugo should cope with. The courses are very short and some are pretty clever. The mission is to collect crystals, sometimes in numerical order, and jump on and thereby kill various monster-like creatures. Some of the courses require Hugo to turn into a stone. This rock form is good when he can roll over the enemy without hurting himself. As a stone, however, Hugo is a little louder and cannot jump as high as he does in the usual cases. On other paths, Hugo assumes the shape of a whirlwind and can thus fly. Finally there are pitch black paths where Hugo benefits from his moonlight. Then his eyes light up with light like an aura around him. These paths are a bit tricky because you do not see platforms and other things until Hugo lights them up with their moonlight. The challenge in the tower has a disturbing charging time ahead of each track. Since the tracks are very short, much of the playing time goes to sit and wait for the game to load which is annoying. It's a tiny platform game for a young target group. The game can be played in three different levels of difficulty and can thus be adapted to the child's age.
Swedish ISO Demo 232MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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